"Formula 1 for a Healthy Herbalife Breakfast"

“Formula 1 for a Healthy Herbalife Breakfast”

Your body needs all the essential nutrients to function properly and to replenish the levels it’s used during the previous night to regenerate itself.  Nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and the right amount of good fats, each play an important part. Your body needs energy to restore what it spent in the last 24 hours.  A breakfast with a balance of  ‘good’ carbohydrates and protein can help sustain your energy levels and keep you feeling fuller for longer without wanting to snack. Water is essential for your cells to function properly.  In addition to helping the body’s cleansing process, flushing out toxins and waste.  Being dehydrated can cause fatigue, which can be mistaken for hunger, what your body really wants is fluid (water).

A well balanced breakfast provides sustainable energy and the right level of nutients can keep your body in equilibrium during the day.  This can contribute to better weight management and wellbeing in the longterm.

“Breakfast is a meal that you should not skip!”

Too many people skip breakfast –  for busy people a Formula 1 nutritional shake is the ideal solution. It’s packed with a balanced combination of protein and carbohydrates, it has 12 vitamins and 11 minerals to make up your recommended daily allowance.  It’s quick, ready in one minute with a delicious taste, texture and freshness.  It’s versatile and comes in eight flavours, strawberry, vanilla, tropical fruit,toffee apple, mint chocolae, cappucino, chocolate and cookies and cream.

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