Although some people find it more challenging to lose weight than others, weight loss is not impossible. Starving will always lead to weight loss, but this is obviously not good for your health.

Women are often tempted to go on crash diets because expectations are high, especially with all of the magazines and commercials that promise extraordinary results overnight. But even if you do manage to lose weight quickly, you’ll probably just lose fluids and gain most of the weight back very quickly.

Setting realistic goals is extremely important. Wanting to lose 10 pounds in a week is probably unrealistic, and you are likely to get disappointed and give up.

Aim for something you are more likely to achieve and the pleasure of having achieved your goal will give you the motivation to continue. Losing 2 pounds a week is a more realistic and attainable goal, and can be easier to sustain in the long term. Losing 2 pounds each week equates to 48 pounds over six months, it will really make a difference. Combined with a healthy diet, exercise is a great way to burn calories.

Another problem that overweight women can sometimes face is depression. They may be happy with most areas of their lives, but if they are unhappy with their body weight, they can feel depressed.

Herbalife weight loss products can really help to make a difference. By providing the body with proven high quality and 100% natural nutrition, you are feeding your body instead of starving it. Combine this with the support of the customer follow-up and mentoring program and you’ve got a fantastic weight loss system.

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Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge