What a brilliant day I had today at the Trafford Centre Manchester doing the Herbalife Body Fat Testing. Carol and the team were fantastic and gave me loads of support.

A big thank you to all those people that I tested, I hope you were satisfied with the service I provided although sometimes a bit rushed due to the number of people who turned up !

I am proud to work for Herbalife, love the products and helping people.

Healthy Breakfast (the Herbalife way)   Our Formula 1 shake provides the body with all the vital nutrients and water it needs, you’ll get energy from protein and not from carbohydrates.  Formula 1 shake doesn’t raise or drop sugar levels and helps to cleanse the intestine, improving absorption of the nutrients and will maintain water balance throughout the day.

Healthy Breakfast problem

A strong connection has recently been discovered between poor breakfast habits and many health related problems.  Our body consists of 100 trillion cells which need 114 various nutrients during the day.

What you ate yesterday should have below major food groups:

  1. Energy (protein, fats, carbohydrates)
  2. Building materials (amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc)

You spent energy while you were awake and your body used the building materials at night to regenerate itself. During the night your body spent 1 litre of water just by breathing, sweating and visiting the loo.

Your body wakes up empty and needs you to replace all the nutrients, energy and water spent in the last 24 hours.

If you had carbohydrates for breakfast  – toast with jam, cereal, coffee, sugar these are not digested immediately and turn into sugar.  The raised blood sugar forces the pancreas to produce more insulin which removes the extra sugar from the blood turning it into FAT.

As your blood sugar levels drop you feel hungry again and are more likely to grab a convenient carbohydrate snack and so the cycle begins again.

Slowly, by maybe as little as 5g a day you put on weight and a poor breakfast is the most common reason for weight gain, tiredness and other health problems. See graphs below.

Carbs based breakfast

No Breakfast

Balanced protein-based breakfast (the Herbalife way)

Although we were focussing today on the “Healthy Breakfast” alternative – the very delicious Formula 1 shake,  Herbalife is also about weight management (weight loss and weight gain) and increasing energy levels.  Herbalife products are used by ordinary people and also by top athletes – see the links below. All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.

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Within the Herbaife product range there is something for everyone !

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