Here are some ideas on how to make a warming winter formula 1 diet shake.

Best practice is to heat the liquid first with all the ingredients, then add the diet shake mixture and blend. It’s a good idea to mix the Formula 1 (F1) and Formula 3 Protein Powder (if using) with a small amount of cold liquid first before blending into the hot liquid. You can use a microwave: 2 minutes on medium heat should be sufficient.

1) Soya milk blended with banana, microwave, – add F1 Chocolate.

2) Make a coffee and add F1 Cappuccino or Chocolate.

3) Soya milk blended with F1 Cookies & Cream, then microwave.

4) F1 (any flavour) mixed with heated porridge oats and Soya milk.

5) Batchelors (low fat) Asparagus Cuppa Soup with F1 Vanilla added, after it has cooled down a little.

6) F1 Chocolate or Cappuccino, 1 dessert spoon of fromage frais, 1 teaspoon of coffee, hot Soya milk.

7) F1 Chocolate, orange juice, dessert spoon of orange flavoured yoghurt, dessert spoon of low fat chocolate flavoured yoghurt or fromage frais.

8) Hot Nogg! F1 Vanilla, Soya milk, teaspoon of honey, ¼ teaspoon vanilla essence, ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg.

9) Get up and Go! F1 Chocolate, 3 prunes, 2 tablespoons Oat Bran, 250ml warmed Soya milk.

Tip: Do not use a shaker beaker for hot Formula 1 diet shakes, as the pressure caused by the hot liquid will force the lid off and you’ll get covered !

Why it’s so important to start your day with a Herbalife Formula 1 diet shake

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