2014 is the year to transform your body, lose weight, look great and feel healthy ! Get great results with the Herbalife 3 day trial.

Get results in 2014 with the Herbalife 3 day trial

After the Christmas Celebrations are over – it’s time to get back in shape and lose those extra unwanted pounds.

The Herbalife 3 day trial is a chance to try Herbalife products to see what amazing results can be achieved in just 3 days.

Substitute 2 meals a day with a Herbalife Formula 1 shake, have 1 main meal, 2 healthy snacks and drink 2 litres of water a day. Full instructions given.

The trial pack is enough for 6 meals over 3 days and comes in a vanilla flavour shake with 8 thermo complete tablets.

You will need to weigh and measure yourself before the trial and then the day after you finish. If you have a body composition monitor that’s great –  if you’ve not got a body composition monitor – use an ordinary scales.

Trial details can be found by clicking here and if you scroll down the webpage you’ll see testimonials

If you like the results you get from the trial – ASK about a full weightloss programme to get in better shape in 2014 🙂