NOW launched ready for Winter is the new high protein food from Herbalife – “Gourmet Tomato Soup” It has 8 times more protein than regular tomato soup which will makes you feel fuller longer Only 104 kcal per serving Flavoured with basil and oregano Scientifically advanced containing: tomato lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant and prebiotic inulin fibre which promotes a healthy digestive system Great tasting and satisfying Quick and easy to make Suitable for vegetarians The “Gourmet Tomato Soup” is the perfect choice for a healthy high protein food snack alternative without the calories. Why not indulge in a taste of the Mediterranean with this healthy high protein food savoury snack option.  Can be used purely as a healthy calorie controlled snack during the daytime when you’re feeling hungry, or as an appetiser before lunch or dinner. The Herbalife “Gourmet Tomato Soup” is NOW available to order from my “Wellness Products Store” you need to register first to see prices!   click here