It’s getting that time of year when you need a warming Herbalife Formula 1 Shake, here are some more recipes, tried and tested, very yummy !!  Use these recipes for continued weightloss throughout the winter months.

Chocolate Ripple

Formula 1 Chocolate
Warm Milk*
Raspberries Warmed

Formula 1 Chocolate
Warm Milk*
Plain Weetabix or Oatabix
(Quite Thick)

Formula 1 Cappuccino
Warm Milk*
Dash of Camp Coffee

Heat 250mls of Milk*
Add 1/3 cup Porridge Oats
Option—Dried Cranberries
Once cooked add Formula 1 of Choice!

Black Forest Gateaux
Formula 1 Chocolate 1 scoop
Formula 1 Strawberry 1 scoop
Warm Milk*
Cherries & Raspberries

Can be made with:
Lactofree milk/ Goats Milk/ Soy
Milk/ Rice Milk/Semi Skimmed Milk

Be careful when blending hot liquids !

Change Formula 1 to flavour of your
choice or Add Cinnamon for variety.

Add Sliced Banana to any of the above.

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