Limited edition shake just launched ready for the Christmas Festive Season 2012.  Don’t miss out.

Formula 1 Spice has arrived – vanilla flavour with a twist – have you tried it yet ? Formula 1 Vanilla Spice is the same healthy meal as all the other Formula 1 shakes and has less than 220 calories, serve warm.

Vanilla Festive Formula 1 shake can be found on my Herbalife Wellness Products Store under the section Energy & Fitness, Protein Shakes (same price as all the other Formula 1 Shakes).

Recipe idea

Tastes delicious if you add chopped apple to it and warm it through.  

To make a warm shake – mix the shake powder with a small amount of water, stir into a paste.  Heat semi skimmed milk up in the microwave and then add to the shake paste, stir again to prevent it going lumpy and serve.  

If adding apple, put the chopped apple in with the warm milk and shake powder and then blast with hand blender (or similar). Just be careful with hot liquids.

Very yummy !!!