N-R-G tablets are designed to give you energy and an invigorating lift during the day or whilst you are playing sport.  N-R-G contains nature’s raw guarana which is an energising herb, it’s easily absorbed and gets to work quickly.

Guarana is a climbing shrub, native to South America.  It’s been used for centuries by Amazon Indians for it’s spirited and refreshing qualities.  Today in Brazil guarana is added to soft drinks for the wonderful, natural, energetic feeling it gives.  Each tablet contains 32mg of an effective form of caffeine, similar to the amount found in half a cup of coffee. 

Guarana is considered to be a healthier alternative to coffee.  Coffee can be very abrasive on the digestive system and can also destroy some of our bodies nutrition. In contrast guarana in N-R-G is much gentler on the digestive system and the results can be felt within half an hour after taking.  There is no kettle to boil, just add N-R-G tablets to a glass of water.  N-R-G can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

N-R-G combats tiredness and you can can take up to 4 x  N-R-G tablets a day but avoid taking them in the evening unless you want to stay up late and party all night – obviously perfect for ski-ing !!


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