Herbalife Fat Buster Diet for Healthy Weightloss
Are you looking for a longterm  weight loss ?

Do you wake up tired, lack energy and feel sleepy after lunch. Do you find yourself snacking on crisps, biscuits and chocolate between meals? Do you eat takeaways and ready meals to make life easy. If you have answered yes to any of these questions – you may also need to lose weight.

Unfortunately national statistics show us that many people find making healthy choices to be a challenge.In the UK 32% of 25 million women and 46% of the 24.3 millon men, are overweight ot obese. That means that there are 8 million women and 11.2 million men in the UK who need help to lose weight.

The good news is: help is at hand. As Wellness Coaches we are committed to encouraging health and wellness.

Many of us want to make healthy choices, but aren’t sure where to begin. We work with you one-to-one starting with a Wellness Profile. Your Wellness Profile will make you more aware of the impact of your current lifestyle and food choices, have on your longterm health and wellbeing. ***

This is an excellent opportunity to define your personal wellness goals and make a plan of action that you can commit to. We will advise you on the best food and nutrition programme to suit your individual needs and education on health and lifestyle choices. We also provide the ongoing support that you need to stay on track and will work with you to maximise the basic fundamentals of wellness – a balanced diet, regular exercise and drinking lots of water.

So get in touch today to start on your Herbalife wellness journey !

Contact Jan on: 01579 347990 or 07966 322146
or email: ¬†[email protected]

***If wanting to start Herbalife but are unable to get to me for a Wellness Profile (as these are done locally) don’t worry I can still help with choosing the right products for your specific needs. Email me as above….

Or, click here to request a password for my Wellness Products Store, where you can buy direct

Have a look at the slideshow below to find out more about Herbalife and some of the people we have helped.

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