Thank you to all those ladies who visited my stand at the event yesterday , I hope you enjoyed sampling the Formula 1 nutritious healthy breakfast shakes and the totally delicious chocolate protein bars which seem to go down very well !

I do know how hard you all work and the long hours you put in, as I worked at AstraZeneca for 20 years, selling and exporting pharmaceuticals to Middle East and African countries. I loved my job but thought it was time to quit 2 years ago when the company was reducing their workforce numbers. When working at AstraZeneca when people asked what I did for a living – I used to say” I worked for one of the a top pharmaceutical companies in the world” but now I say that “I work for the number 1 company in the world for weight management, nutrition and wellness”.  I’ve found something I really have a passion for – helping people achieve their weight management and energy goals.

The Herbalife products and prices can be viewed by clicking on the Wellness Products Store” and registering.

If any of the ladies that I spoke to at the event would like a FREE personal consultation or help with buying or using the products.  Do ring me on: 01925 264383  as I would be very happy to help.   Speak soon, Jan 🙂 

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Afterthought….. as this page is to do with a business event, it jogged my memory on some of the benefits of using Herbalife products.

Who in business can I help:

  • The Fit Ones- improvement through sports nutrition
  • The Healthy Ones- additional nutrition
  • The Sick Ones – less days off work
  • The Less Energetic Ones – more energy

Proper nutrition can lead to:

  • Reduced levels of absence
  • Improved performance from staff
  • Staff who feel better, work better and feel valued

Business benefits:

  • Staff feel better at work because they are more
  • Staff get more from their valuable leisure time

In business speak – it’s a WIN – WIN situation !!