Herbalife 10 Day Fat Buster Diet

Whilst talking to a colleague the other day she mentioned she was doing the  Herbalife 10 day Fat Buster Challenge.  Naturally I was curious so I found out what it’s all about, so here it is.



  1. Replace any two meals a day with your favourite Formula 1 shake
  2. Take Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, 1 tablet 3 times a day
  3. Take Fibrebond and Florafibre, 3 tablets of each, 3 times a day with half a litre of water each time
  4. Eat a normal main meal, whatever you would normally eat but ensure you take tablets BEFORE your main meal
  5. Drink plenty of water between meals as you will feel thirsty.  Fed up with water try the Thermojetic beverages as they count as part of your daily water allowance, or the Aloe Vera drink - both products are mentioned in earlier posts !


  • breaks down, absorbs and eliminates the fat in your body
  • eliminates food cravings
  • helps you lose weight and centimetres


Product quantities as follows:  Fibrebond  (90 tablets), Florafibre (90 tablets), F2 multi vitamin complex  (90 tablets) and Formula 1 shake (550grams typically will last 3 weeks)  

You can find these products on the Wellness Products Store under “Intelligent Core Nutrition” and “Digestive Health”

Order your Herbalife 10 day Fat Buster Diet online today by clicking my “Wellness Products Store”  You will need to register first. 

The products for the 10 Day Fat Buster are shown on separate webpages so for ease have listed them below….

Buy Formula 1 shake – click here

Buy F2 Multivitamin Complex  - click here

Buy Fibrebond – click here

Buy Florafire – click here

You will need a blender to make your shakes or a Herbalife Starter Kit/Super Shaker which can both be found by scrolling down the Formula 1 Shake webpage

If you don’t want to buy the items for the 10 Day Fat Buster separately – just email me: jan@herbalenregyforyou.co.uk

Below is a demonstration of how to use Fibrebond.  It  can be used in the 10 day Fat Buster Diet as well as before eating out on special occasions – or using before a fat laden meal!

Here are the  product fact sheets:

F2 multi vitamin complex  



Formula 1 shake

The Herbalife Fat Buster Diet gives you all the vital nutrients needed for healthy weightloss (F1 shake is a food) and is good for removing belly fat.

The Herbalife Fat Buster Diet should ONLY be used for 10 days at a time.  If you have a medical condition check with your Doctor first before using.

DO NOT USE if you have abdominal pain or diarrhea.

“All references to weight control relate to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake, nutritional supplementation where required and appropriate rest, individual results will vary.”

Send me your Fat Buster Testimonials to publish thanks :-)

Lost about 6kg I think and about 6cm. cheers Peter from Leeds

I’ve lost four pounds, really happy with the results as I’m not very big in the first place ! I finish the bb on Tuesday Helen from Leeds

I lost 4 pounds :-) didn’t measure inches but good result :-) Jodie from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Yes I completed the BB and it went really well, I started off at 14.2 
and got down to 13.8, therefore losing 8 pounds which was great and that 
was without any exercise! Really enjoyed the shakes and the diet obviously worked. John from Wigan, Lancs

I loved doing the belly buster diet ! And was suprisingly very easy to do as well.  I am still sticking to it but now only having a shake for breakfast, salad for dinner and then my tea. So far since starting the diet, I have lost 9lbs ! And the vanilla flavour is very nice and easy to drink :-) Jessica from Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire

I‘ve lost 8lbs and my partner has lost 11lb :-) so a great kickstart !! Laura from Worcester

I was 13,4lbs when I started and when I weighed myself this morning it said 12 !!!!! Paul from Worcester

I lost about 11lbs  - Allan from Wirral

Just an update on how my husband and friend got on, my husband lost 10lbs and his friend 7lbs they r both really pleased :-) they both felt ok and made up with the kick start  !! Vicki from St Helens

Hiya. Yea he lost nearly a stone. Just the boost he needed know he’s eating healthy and started going to the gym. He wants a rest off the shakes for a few weeks so I will get in touch when he needs some more - Sarah from Bradford on behalf of husband

Just to let you know i lost 11 pounds, Think i am going to start on the other one you suggested, could you send me the full details?  - Olivia from Leeds

We both lost 5lb each so quite happy with that I’m gonna give it another go just before my holiday in September :-) - Natalie and Mum from Doncaster

I lost approximately 5kg , then had a break, then tried again - I didn’t lose as much the second time around. I lost about 4kg I’m currently weighting 90.7kg at 6ft in height and I’m happy with that. I’m training hard and still losing fat but gaining muscle. All is good. Many thanks for your help - Dan from Warwickshire

Hi jan! Really good thanks, I lost 12 pounds and the misses lost 6 pounds!
Have you got any advice for keeping it up to lose more weight and be fitter! - Iain from Leeds

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